Eliminate Blackbirds From Your Garden

Learn some techniques that will assist with eliminating blackbirds from your garden. Your garden will continue to thrive and you won't have to replant some areas or lose the crops that you have worked so hard to raise.

Cover Crops With Netting

Bird netting is an inexpensive material that will make it difficult for the blackbirds to gain access to the crops that are growing. You can purchase it from a garden supply center. The netting can be placed around garden stakes to cover exposed areas. Simply measure the space that you need to protect and cut out a piece of netting that is large enough to cover the crops.

Place garden stakes directly into the soil at each corner of the area that you are going to protect. The netting comes with fasteners that connect to the netting and that will wrap around each garden stake. 

Hang Up Shiny Objects

Blackbirds are likely to leave your property if they are faced with some shiny objects. They are often scared by objects that reflect the sun and move around when it is windy outside. Use pie pans or cardboard that is covered with aluminum foil. Insert a hole in the top of each one with a hole puncher.

Insert string into each pan or piece of cardboard and hang all of the items on tree branches that are near your garden or on the garden stakes that you used in the previous step. When the birds enter your garden, they will be surprised to see the gleaming items and will move away from your garden.

Make Adjustments To Their Living Quarters

Trim branches that you frequently spot the blackbirds in. Be sure to eliminate sections that contain a lot of leaves. Blackbirds tend to build their nests in areas that are inconspicuous. If you see birds perching in sections around your yard, consider adding bird spikes to these spots.

Spikes can be purchased that are made out of plastic, not causing the birds to become injured. They will have a difficult time landing in any areas where they are placed. Kits that contain these spikes come with adhesive that dries quickly. They can be applied to any hard surface without causing any damage.

It takes determination to eliminate blackbirds from your garden, but it will be well-worth it. Keep all edible items covered and remove any water sources that are located outside. Once the birds see that your property does not contain the conditions that they desire, they will be likely to leave and find a new place to call home.

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