5 Things To Bring With You When Registering A Car

If you have recently purchased a car, you will obviously have to go to a business that offers registry services to have the vehicle put in your name. This process can seem overwhelming, but it's actually quite easy if you have everything on hand when you go. Make sure that you bring these five things, and registering your car should be a breeze.

1. Proof of Insurance

Before you will be able to register your car, you will need to have it on your insurance policy. Make sure that you bring your insurance policy number, insurance card or some other form of proof of insurance when registering your vehicle.

2. Proof of Identification

You will obviously need to prove who you are when registering your new car, so bring along your driver's license or another approved form of identification. Many registry services will accept a military ID or passport as a form of ID.

3. Vehicle Permit

You will need some form of proof that you are the actual owner of the car. When buying the car, have the owner fill out a piece of paper with basic information about the car, such as the make and model of the vehicle, the VIN number, the name and address of the person who owned the vehicle before you, and the plate number that has been associated with the car thus far. Make sure that this permit is signed by the previous owner or the car dealership.

4. License Plate Validation Sticker

The vehicle's license plate should have a small validation sticker on it. Remove it, and bring it with you when registering your car.

5. Your License Plate

Bring along the license plate that you had on your previous car. It will be re-used on your new vehicle. If you are keeping your previous vehicle, then you will need to let the registry service know that you need to apply for a secondary license plate for your vehicle.

Registering a car doesn't have to be difficult. The process can actually be very quick and easy if you have everything that you need on hand. Therefore, it's important to bring along these five things when you go to register your new vehicle. Then, the registry service or a place like the TLC The Licensing Company should be able to take care of things as quickly as possible. Also, remember that you shouldn't drive your vehicle to the registry service; instead, arrange for different transportation until you can get your car's new registration straightened out.