Two Questions About Portable Storage Rentals You May Need Answered

If you are like most people, you have managed to accumulate a staggering number of possessions over the years. Unfortunately, moving to a new home or making room for these items in your house can be an extremely daunting task. Luckily, portable storage units have emerged as a popular way to help individuals better manage their possessions. Yet, you may not have used these services in the past, and this can lead to a couple of questions that you need answered. 

Are Portable Storage Units Only Used for Temporary Storage?

Some individuals assume that portable storage units are only for transporting your items to a more permanent storage unit. While this is definitely a common use for these devices, they have many other applications as well. For example, there are many providers that will let individuals rent these units to keep on their property. This allows homeowners to free up space in their houses without having to make trips to the storage facility when they need or want something. 

Also, it is common for these units to be used for moving long distances. A move across the country can be very expensive if you are needing to rent a truck or hire movers. With portable storage units, you can simply load them up and ship them to your new destination. This will usually entail placing on a train, but it is not uncommon for the rental company to make these arrangements on your behalf. 

Are There Limits On What You Can Put In These Units?

Many people may assume that they can put whatever they want in these units, but this is actually far from the truth. These units must travel down public highways and roads to reach your home or to be taken to the storage company. As a result, there are numerous regulations in place covering how certain materials can be transported on these roads. 

Fortunately, you will not have to perform extensive research to determine what you can put in the unit. The supplier of the unit is legally obligated to provide you with documents that outline the banned materials. While you may assume that no one will know that you have loaded banned items, this may not be true. If an accident occurs, you may be civilly and criminally liable for the improper transportation of hazardous items. 

Portable storage units are an excellent solution for those needing a flexible storage solution. By understanding the wide range of uses for these devices and the limits of what you can place in them, you will be better able to get the most out of this rental. For more information, contact local storage suppliers such as WJ Trailers.