Moving Large Equipment: Transportation Methods To Consider Before You Pack Up

Moving industrial or manufacturing equipment isn't as easy as just packing it up and putting it in a moving truck. When you're relocating a manufacturing floor, you'll need to work with an industrial moving service that understands the unique approach required for equipment of this size and nature. After all, when you're dealing with large equipment, you are likely to need specialized transportation, too. Here are a few of the transportation options to discuss with your mover so that you can select the best way to get your gear to its destination safely.

Flatbed Transportation

Flatbeds are one of the most common options for moving oversized or heavy equipment. Most every industrial moving company provides an option for flatbed transportation, and it's a viable option for most equipment. In fact, flatbeds come in many different sizes and weight capacities, so you're sure to find something that will accommodate your machines. Just remember that most flatbed transportation methods will offer limited protection from damage because the trailers are typically uncovered. Talk to your mover about how best to protect your equipment if you're going with this option.

Specialized Trailer Designs

If your equipment is particularly large or heavy, you might need to talk with your mover about double drop or step deck trailer options. These are designed to support larger equipment, both in height and weight. In most cases, equipment that needs this type of trailer is also going to need a series of permits for transportation. Your mover can not only help you determine which permits you need but may also help you obtain them.

International Shipping Options

Sometimes, the most complex part of your move is the fact that you need to ship equipment overseas. Whether you are relocating your manufacturing operation or just setting up a satellite facility, you'll need to be selective about how you get your gear there. If you can break down the equipment and ship it in crates, that's often the easiest method.

But some manufacturing equipment isn't designed to be disassembled easily once you've put it together. In those cases, look for a mover who can transport it to a marine carrier by flatbed, then put it into a ship-bound large crate or metal shipping container. With the right mover, you can even have someone waiting for it at the destination to receive it from the docks and get it to your new location.

Moving heavy equipment isn't an easy task, and it isn't one that you should underestimate. With so many complex parts inside most manufacturing machines, it's in your best interest to leave the preparation and actual transportation to a specialist who knows how to handle it properly. Talk with an industrial mover as far in advance as possible so that you can build a solid plan for the move. Contact a company like Industrial Movers in Vancouver for more information.