Top Three Reasons To Join A Union

When it comes to employment, most people are concerned with the job covering their needs and being dependable. In some industries, employees are given the option to join a union; however, even that can lead to questions on whether it is a good fit or not. The following list is the top reasons why joining a union is a worthwhile investment.

Fair Wages

Probably one of the biggest reasons to join a union is the ability to ensure fair wages. When you work in a company, you are relying on them to pay you for the work you do, but companies are also looking forward to saving as much money as possible. It is extremely common for corporations to attempt to find people who will work for the least amount of pay, so joining a union will help make sure you are being paid adequately for the skill you possess. In addition to the fair wages, the union will also help fight for your benefits, including sick pay, holidays, vacation time, and unemployment.

Job Security

In addition to being paid fairly, it is important that you feel secure in your position. When the economy struggles, companies restructure and issue layoffs. Unions will take to the companies and fight against layoffs, or make sure compensation is given. They will make sure that unemployment is covered, as well as severance packages. Finally, part of joining a union is making sure you do not lose your job while the union is on strike.

Having a Voice

When you work in a corporation, it can often feel like you do not have a voice in anything that goes on. This may make you feel completely powerless in the situation, especially if you have a supervisor who is unjust. Unions help give employees a voice and make sure that supervisors are not bullying the employees. There are special grievance hearings that ensure everyone is heard and satisfied by the result. The union will be the strong arm that helps make sure the employees, who do not have the money, are able to have their opinions heard.

Unions take care of making sure employees have a safe environment to work in, are paid what they are worth, have job security, and have a voice. Many unions also give people the ability to bond together, which will create a better work environment.  While there are many other reasons people choose to join unions, these are the top three that resonate with most everyone. For more information, talk to a union about how you can become a member today.