Tips For Lighting The Exterior Of Your Restaurant

If you own a restaurant and have noticed it is a bit dark outside in the evenings, then getting adequate lighting up should be your first project this week. Not only does ample exterior lighting help prevent after-hours theft and graffiti damage to your property, but it also keeps your patrons safe and injury-free.

Since a customer falling down and suing you is an expensive legal proceeding you may lose if their personal injury attorney can prove the area surrounding your restaurant was too dark, getting it lit up should be your first priority. 

If you aren't sure where to start with your exterior lighting project, then these tips will assist you:

Tip: Install Large Floodlights or Security Lights in Parking Lots and Behind Your Restaurant

The outside of your restaurant's building should be lit up 24-hours a day. The first things you should have are either large floodlights or security lights mounted on each corner of the building's roof and on poles in any dark areas of your parking lot. These bright lights will help your customers see well, and after-hours they will encourage thieves and taggers to go elsewhere where they can commit their crimes under the cover of darkness.

Tip: Install Perimeter Lights in Landscaped Islands

If your parking lot has landscaped islands, these can be hard for drivers to see at night when they are looking for a place to park. Additionally, they pose a threat; someone might trip over one and then sue you. To keep your customers from having these issues, make sure you install perimeter lights around each island.

Tip: Install Pathway Lighting Fixtures Along All Walkways

If your restaurant has walkways through grass or rock gardens that lead to entrance and exit doors, they should have pathway lights installed along both sides. Pathway lights serve three purposes:

  1. they highlight unique features in your landscaping
  2. they add curb appeal
  3. they help light the way for customers walking down the walkway

Rather than opt for solar pathway lights that don't have very bright light, instead consider installing some LED-enhanced style lights.

Tip: Consider Hiring a Professional Lighting Designer

If lighting your business is something you don't think you want to tackle on your own, then you are certainly not alone! Many businesses hire lighting design professionals to assist them with this important task. A lighting designer will help you with the location of each light fixture, the proper bulbs to use, the use of color-tinted lighting, and many other aspects of the project. 

Get in touch with a company like Lanelight for more help.