4 Instances In Which Capsules May Be The Best CBD Dosing Option

There is no shortage of ways to take your CBD. You can vape it, rub it on your skin, chew gummies, or take capsules. Taking capsules may seem like the most boring dosing option. You just swallow them with a glass of water like a vitamin supplement; where's the fun in that? In reality, though, there are some situations in which CBD capsules may actually be the best option for managing your condition.

1. You need to be discrete.

CBD is legal on the federal level, and people are becoming more accepting of it as a viable treatment for many illnesses and symptoms. However, there are still some people who don't quite understand and who view CBD negatively since it can be derived from marijuana. If you need to use your CBD around these people, you might be best off taking capsules since they are discrete. You can put the capsules in a different container, and nobody will know whether you're taking vitamin C or CBD.

2. You hate the taste of CBD products.

Most people find CBD products to have a mild flavor. There are even tinctures and vapes that are flavored to taste like strawberries and cherries. But if you just can't tolerate that underlying grassiness in your CBD preparation, swallowing capsules may be easier. You won't taste a thing.

3. You need or want a very specific dose.

The thing about vaping is that it's hard to moderate your dose. One 4-second draw may be quite different from your next 4-second draw if you pull harder with one draw than the other. Droppers used to administer tinctures are not always too accurate, either. When you swallow capsules, however, the CBD has been premeasured, and you know exactly how much you are getting. There's no guessing about your dose or hoping you got the right amount.

4. You need to travel with your CBD.

Travelling with liquid CBD can be tough since it my spill in your bag, and since some bottles are over the 3-ounce limit to carry on a plane. Vape pens used to vape CBD look suspicious in areas where marijuana is not legal. You can transport CBD capsules without an issue, even when travelling by plane.

With all of the CBD options out there today, it can be hard to choose the right one. Capsules are a smart choice if you want to be discrete, need to travel, or hate the taste of CBD.

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