Lien Types Buyers Can Discover Through Property Title Searches

If you're buying a home, you most likely want to have a property title search carried out first. You can often have a professional company handle this, but regardless, it can help check for a couple of property liens that you would want to know about.

Owed Taxes

Everyone has to pay their taxes each year, but sometimes people don't, and then they end up in a terrible situation. It could be severe enough to where the government puts a lien on a person's home for unpaid taxes.

You want to know about this potential situation before buying a home because it will have a direct consequence on the buying and negotiating experience. You'll need to have a property title search conducted to check for property liens due to unpaid taxes. If they are present, then you have the right to back out or ensure the seller deals with this tax issue accordingly before resuming negotiations. 

Credit Card Debt

A popular debt type people can amass over time is credit card debt. It's easy to fall into this situation, and unfortunately, a lot of people have to deal with this issue. You need to know if this type of debt is relevant to the seller you're working with in order to buy a particular home. 

If they had enough debt, then a lien could be put on their home. You'll have clear insights into this potential problem by having a company complete a property title search. In no time, you'll find out if there are any debt issues that you should be aware of before putting in an offer. 

Child Support

In a divorce, child support may be something that comes up. Those that don't pay it will face penalties, which could include having a lien put on their property. This is something you can't ignore because it may delay the home-buying process and even cause foreclosure in some cases.

You'll know for certain if there's a lien on the property because of child support issues when a property title search is completed. If a lien is presently based on the title search's results, you can pursue other homes or see if a resolution can be worked out to get the lien removed.

Properties can have liens for several different reasons. Fortunately when you buy a home, you won't have to remain in the dark because property title searches are available. You just need to work with a company that can execute one thoroughly and give you relevant insights after. 

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